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German hospitals offer a wide variety of medical care. Germany is most well-known for its orthopedic and spine treatments. Germany is also known for its expertise in minimally-invasive heart procedures, state-of-the-art cancer centers and highly qualified surgeons in all fields.

To get an idea of what sorts of treatments are available in Germany, check out our website.

Just because a specific treatment is not on our website does not mean it is not available in Germany. The best way to find out if there is treatment available for your condition is to contact us at Premier Healthcare Germany directly and provide us with your medical documents and diagnosis. Our case managers would be pleased to examine your case and let you know if a treatment is available.

Even if you do not have a specific diagnosis, we can also arrange a general health checkup in Germany. Our doctors can provide you with an accurate understanding of your health using high-tech diagnostic and imaging equipment. The clinics can provide you personal counseling based on your health and lifestyle.

Complications occur as a result of a variety of interconnected and unpredictable events. No matter where you are in the world, no matter how skilled the surgeon or well-equipped the hospital, there is always a risk of complications.

By recommending experienced surgeons and quality clinics, we try to reduce the risk of a complication occuring during the procedure. But if a complication does occur, we are there to coordinate all necesary measures to ensure the patient's safety.

Most complications occur in the first few days after surgery. Because of this, your operating surgeon will recommend that you stay in Germany for at least a few days following your surgery. Doctors and nurses will monitor you to make sure that your body is healing, and that any medication is showing the desired effect and is contributing to your recovery.

By following your physician's recommendations, your risk of experiencing complications will already be significantly reduced. However, even after you leave Germany, Premier Healthcare continues to offer our support to ensure the best possible outcome of your procedure.

We have a two-step approach to managing complications for after you return home. First, you will go home with your complete medical records and a set of instructions of what to do and what to avoid. Second, we will be available as a point of contact and can consult with the provider who treated you in Germany.

Our patients' health and safety is our top priority.

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