There are many illnesses and conditions of the reproductive organs which can affect fertility, especially for women. Tumors, myomas and cysts are all a result of unusual cell growth which, when located on or near the reproductive organs, can cause infertility. Endometriosis is another condition which can lead to fertility problems for women. In some cases, the affected tissue must be removed with gynecological surgery.

The patient’s wishes for future childbearing need to be carefully considered when treating these conditions. Gynecological surgery is a delicate procedure which, when done incorrectly, can permanently affect the patient’s ability to conceive.

In order to give the patient the best possible chances of being able to conceive later in life, gynecological surgery should only be performed by an experienced doctor working in a professional hospital setting. Premier Healthcare Germany works with some of Germany’s leading specialists in gynecology and reproductive medicine who have excellent success rates of helping patients from around the world achieve their fertility goals.

Read about one of Premier Healthcare Germany’s patients who underwent successful gynecological surgery in Germany.