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The key to Premier Healthcare Germany's approach to patient management lies in careful planning. With advanced preparation, we can save patients time and money by directing them towards a medical professional specialized in their illness, coming up with a treatment plan before they ever set foot on an airplane, and by limiting the time of their stay in Germany.

In order to do this, we require recent, detailed medical data for our case managers and the German doctors to review. By analyzing the patient's diagnosis and coming up with a treatment plan in advance, we can make a more accurate initial cost estimation and allow the patient to focus on receiving treatment while in Germany. The more the patient is focused on their own treatment and healing, and the less they have to worry about the administrative side of things, the more pleasant their stay in Germany will be.

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We have an excellent track record of meeting the time requirements of our clients. It is most optimal when we have at least two weeks to prepare the case before the patient travels to Germany. However, if your hectic schedule does not allow for such advanced planning, our case management team will try to meet your requirements as much as possible.

The selection of a hospital is a most personal matter. Some patients have already selected the hospital before they ask Premier Healthcare Germany for guidance. Otherwise, we can advise patients in the selection proces.

We select a specific hospital based on exactly what type of care the patient needs. Through a careful analysis of the patient's diagnosis, condition and medical history, we can find the right specialist to help them. With our extensive knowledge of different hospitals in Germany and professional network of different medical providers, we can help patients make the right choice in finding a doctor who can help them.

Because we are an independent company, we can work with virtually any hospital in Germany. Often, patients will prefer a hospital with a reputed name, but selecting a hospital specialized in the patient's medical requirements is more important than choosing a well-known hospital.

We can also help you select a hospital based on your available budget, as prices may differ between different hospitals. The amount of experience a hospital has working with international patients is also a factor to consider.

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Our expert case management is equipped to fulfill all of the needs of international patients requesting treatment in a German hospital or clinic.

We offer you medical support. By carefully reviewing your diagnosis and medical history, we can guide you towards a qualified doctor or a hospital department specialized in your condition.

We offer you logistical support. Visa assistance, finding accommodation, arranging transportation and finding a translator or interpretor are just some of the many services we offer patients.

We offer you financial support. Find out how working with Premier Healthcare can save you money as compared to approaching a hospital on your own.

Premier Healthcare Germany offers the services you require to ensure a smooth, low-stress journey for medical treatment or diagnostics in Germany. Should you have other specific requirements, we are here to assist you wherever we can.

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