For more than 25 years, the Schön Klinik hospital group has been one of the leading providers of inpatient care in Germany. Its clinics specialize in orthopedics, neurology, psychosomatic medicine, surgery and internal medicine.

"Measurable, Perceptible, Better"schoenklinik alstercity

  • Group of 17 clinics located throughout Germany, including 11 in Bavaria and two in Hamburg
  • Privately owned family clinic
  • Founded in 1985
  • Specialized in orthopedics, neurology and psychosomatic medicine
  • Focus on real, measurable results
  • 9,400 employees treat more than 100,000 patients per year
  • High degree of comfort and personalized care
  • 4,200 beds

What distinguishes Schön Klinik from other hospital groups is its dedication to quality. Schön Klinks are constantly measuring and analyzing their performance and quality indicators to make sure they are providing patients an excellent standard of care. Always striving for improvement, Schön Klink places a high value on medical progress and patient satisfaction. They pride themselves on a patient-oriented approach, and their philosophy of “Measurable, Tangible, Better” (Messbar, Spürbar, Besser) indicates a dedication to improvements in medical treatment that translate into real results.

Schön Klinik is a group of 17 hospitals located throughout Germany, including two in Hamburg. It is a privately-owned, family clinic group. Founded in 1985, its 9,400 employees treat more than 100,000 patients per year, making it one of the smaller clinics in Germany. Their narrow focus allows for a high degree of specialization, and its doctors and surgeons are among the leaders in their fields.

The Schön Klinik Harthausen in Bad Aibling, located in northern Bavaria near Munich, is especially accommodating for international patients. Patients travel from many different countries to the Harthausen clinic in order to receive high-class medical treatment, especially for orthopedic procedures such as operations on the spine, knee and hip.

The small size and the excellent nurse-to-patient ratio allows for a high degree of personal care. This helps assure optimal patient treatment as well as a more comfortable hospital stay – without driving up costs unnecessarily. Schön Klink hospitals are a good choice for patients who want to save money without sacrificing comfort and personal care.