Based in Berlin, Charité is one of the largest university teaching hospitals in Europe. Highly qualified medical professionals and a high degree of interdisciplinary cooperation have lead to its reputation as one of the leading hospitals in Germany.

"Researching, teaching, healing, helping"Charite Klinik Berlin

  • One of the largest university teaching hospitals in Europe
  • Oldest hospital in Berlin, founded 1710
  • Top quality medicine: interdisciplinary teamwork, holistic treatment approach, leading specialists and extremely qualified doctors
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment
  • 13,200 employees treating 800,000 patients per year in 3,000 beds
  • Support for international patients

 Seventeen centers in Germany, including four in Berlin, provide 3,000 hospital beds and treat more than 800,000 patients per year. The facilities at Charité contain state of the art medical equipment to enable doctors to perform even the most advanced procedures.

The doctors and surgeons at Charité are some of the most competent medical professionals in Germany. Many are internationally recognized as being some of the top leaders in their fields. The highly-qualified doctors and professors divide their time working with patients, researching new developments in their field, and training the next generation of doctors at the university. In fact, Charité is also a leading research institute. The doctors there work together with famous medical research institutions to develop and implement new medical procedures.

The philosophy behind medicine at Charité has a future-oriented approach: patients can benefit from state of the art technology, innovative procedures, unparalleled expertise and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Charité hospitals place a special emphasis on individualized care for every patient. With both German and international patients, doctors and nurses make every effort to maximize the comfort and health of every patient. Doctors carefully consider the patient’s individual health and diagnostics before making a treatment recommendation, and will make every effort to inform patients of the different treatment options available to them.