Medicine at Stephansplatz is a collection of specialty practices in the Hamburg city center focused largely on checkups, diagnostics and consultations. If treatment is indicated, it may be performed on site at Stephansplatz, or patients may be recommended to other doctors or hospitals in Hamburg.

"Together for a better medical treatment"Stephansplatz

  • Collection of specialty practices in Hamburg city center
  • Specialisms in internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology, allergies, vascular surgery, gynecology/mammography, dentistry, neurology and aesthetic medicine
  • Focus on diagnostics and check-ups
  • Can examine patients even if they do not already have a specific medical diagnosis
  • Highly trained specialists work together in interdisciplinary cooperation
  • International department provides extra assistance to international patients

Doctors at Stephansplatz will see patients even if they do not yet have a specific diagnosis. If the patient is having symptoms, a general practitioner will perform tests to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment recommendation. Highly-specialized medical professionals use modern diagnostic technology to provide patients an accurate overview of their individual health. Even if the patient is feeling well, a doctor can still perform a routine check-up to screen for problems the patient may not have been aware of and to get an understanding of the patient's overall health.

The practices at Stephansplatz are located inside a single building in the Hamburg city center. Behind a historical, Renaissance-style façade is a recently-renovated, energy efficient space that has been equipped with high-quality modern medical technology. The beautiful design interior creates a relaxing atmosphere, and professional staff work to provide patients with a high level of service. The center is located across the street from one of Hamburg’s largest and most beautiful public parks, Planten und Blomen.

At Medicine at Stephansplatz, a multidisciplinary team of specialists work under one roof to provide complete, holistic patient care. Some of the specialisms include internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology, allergy treatments, vascular surgery, gynecology, dentistry and neurology. In addition, the center also offers centers for cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, and it has its own pharmacy on-site.

Medicine at Stephansplatz also has an extensive international department to provide extra support for international patients in the form of visa support, arranging travel and accommodation, and interpreter services.