Traffic accidents, heart attacks and strokes can happen at any time, without warning, and can turn a person’s world upside down. People can be diagnosed with serious diseases at any stage in life which they are not prepared to deal with. As an example the high number of severe COVID-19 patients all over the world

When disaster strikes, timing is everything. The most important treatment step is getting the patient medical attention as soon as possible.

But once the patient has been stabilized, what happens next? What if they require treatment – a complex surgery, or a long-term rehabilitation – that isn’t available in their home country? That’s where we come in.

Clinicians in Intensive Care Unit

How Premier Healthcare Germany can help

Premier Healthcare Germany is a leading patient management company that helps international patients gain access to high-quality German medical care. For patients suffering from complex illnesses or severe injuries, we offer bed-to-bed transportation to one of Germany’s leading emergency clinics – and fast. We are experienced working with international patients and can help you obtain a visa, book a flight and arrange transportation and medical care within Germany, even on short notice. Time is of the essence with emergency medical care, and our advantage is our close relationship with leading hospitals and clinics throughout Germany, which allows us to coordinate care fast. We coordinate the care effort between doctors in the patient’s home country, doctors on the flight and the hospital in Germany to make sure the patient receives continuous care at every phase of the journey. Premier Healthcare Germany has transfered over 20 Corona ICU  patients from the Netherlands towards Germany per specialised helicopter or ambulances. 

From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way. We know the relevant authorities to apply for an emergency medical visa and can help get your visa confirmed, if needed, even during the flight. Our flight ambulance partner operates 24/7 and their trained medical staff are prepared to care for patients in any condition. We arrange transportation between the airport and hospital, and can accommodate the patient’s individual medical needs to make sure they arrive safely at the hospital. And we ensure a safe journey back to the appropriate medical centers in the patient’s home country, and provide recommendations for recovery or further treatment.

German emergency care

For simple wounds and fractures, medical travel is rarely necessary to ensure appropriate medical treatment. However, if a patient has a particularly severe or complex case, local medical personnel may not be trained to treat it. For instance, some victims of serious accidents will suffer from many conditions simultaneously, called polytraumas. They may have broken bones, an infection, or suffer from a head injury. They may need to be placed in a medically-induced coma or use artificial respiration, which they will later need to be weaned off of. A combination of these conditions can make a case more difficult to treat, and not all doctors are trained to handle such complex situations.

We work with one of Hamburg’s top emergency and intensive care facilities where highly-trained German doctors are especially experienced at treating complex cases. The close interdepartmental collaboration in this clinic enables specialists from different disciplines to come together to provide expert care for every aspect of the patient’s health.

No matter the severity of the case, German medical professionals are prepared to treat it.