Many patients believe that working with a patient management company such as Premier Healthcare Germany will cost them more than, if they are directly in touch with the hospital. However, working with an organization that knows the health care system in Germany and has close relationships with hospitals may save you a lot of money. In addition, we offer you many benefits and services that cannot be available to patients traveling on their own.

Cost of medical treatment in Germany

The cost of medical treatment in Germany depends on many factors and is accurately calculated. Germany offers an excellent cost-to-quality ratio.

The following information is based on average costs of medical treatment in Germany for private patients. The actual cost of medical care may be more or less depending on your medical needs.

Treatment Average cost (€)
ACL repair (knee surgery) 8,200
Knee replacement, single 19,950
Hip replacement, single 15,900
Spinal fusion, LW1, one level 20,500
Disc replacement 18,400
PRT-therapy, conservative spine treatment 8,890
Gastric sleeve 13,870
Gastric band 9,430
Gastric balloon 5,060
Coronary Artery Bypass (open heart surgery) 29,880
Catheter ablation (minimally invasive heart surgery) 14,500
Implantation, heart pacemaker 11,300 up to 15,000
Cyberknife, brain 29,850
Proton therapy 59,900

In order to provide you with an accurate cost estimate of treatment based on your specific medical condition, contact us and a case manager can provide a treatment plan and a cost estimate based on the medical documents you provide.

Cost for international patients in Germany

One of our main strengths at Premier Healthcare is narrowing the gap between what German patients and what international patients pay for treatment in Germany. We do this by taking care of the administrative tasks so hospitals don’t have to, and by reducing medical risks through careful case assessment and preparation.

Our cost structure is recognized by many major insurance companies. As a result, we are partnered with several international insurers who are often able to cover the cost of treatment. Contact us to find out if we can work with your insurance company, or read more in the FAQs.

Advantages to choosing PHG

As an independent company, we collaborate with a large number of hospitals and clinics throughout Germany. This enables each patient to make a better choice based on quality, price, location and service. We take into account every patient’s individual situation in order to get them the best cost-to-quality ratio and to develop a treatment plan that matches their budget.

As the patient's ambassador, we will make all required arrangements to avoid surprises, waiting times, spending extra time in Germany and extra expenditures. Premier Healthcare Germany has proven its added value towards patients and hospitals in the past seven years.