No. Premier Healthcare Germany is an independent patient management company specialized in representing the requirements of international patients. We can guide you through the entire process of getting medical treatment in Germany.

Because we are independent, we can facilitate access to medical treatment at hospitals all over Germany. We have a strategic partnership with Germany's largest hospital group, Asklepios, and our case management structure is set up to be able to work with any hospital in Germany or Europe.

As a patient management company, our goal is to make medical treatment abroad a comfortable, stress-free experience for you. We understand the unique challenges international patients face when trying to receive medical treatment in Germany, and our case managers are experienced at getting patients from outside of Germany medical care from Germany's top doctors and hospitals.

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FAQ Finance

The general assumption with medical travel is that working with a third-party company will increase the overall costs. Actually, working with a patient management company such as Premier Healthcare Germany can actually save you money. But how?

Our professional case management team can handle administrative tasks quickly and more efficiently than a hospital. By outsourcing the bureaucratic work to us, the hospital saves money, resulting in an overall lower cost of treatment. By saving money on the administrative side, you can reduce the cost of your stay without sacrificing the quality of your medical treatment.

Our local presence and knowledge of the German healthcare system allows us to represent you on a cost-controlled basis according to state-enforced hospital pricing guidelines. While exact prices may vary from hospital to hospital, we work hard to narrow the gap between what international patients and what German patients pay.

In addition, with excellent planning and comprehensive preparation, we can help you avoid surprises, reduce risks and limit your time in Germany, all of which can result in major cost savings for you. Long before you arrive, we make sure to have a formal review of your case done by a German doctor. They will examine your diagnosis, take your medical history and overall health into account, and make a treatment recommendation to minimize risks for you.

Removing potential risks involved with your medical treatment can significantly reduce your overall treatment cost and prepayment. With careful planning, we can help you avoid unexpected complications and secondary costs during your treatment.

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Our fees will depend on the medical treatment involved. In our experience, the total hospital costs as well as our fees are usually lower than if the patient approaches a hospital directly.

We have extensive experience in making medical treatment in Germany cost effective. For this reason, many international insurance companies recommend their members to us. Contact us to find out if we work with your insurance company, or you can read more about the cost of medical treatment in Germany on our website.

Yes. After reviewing your case together with a German doctor, we will provide you an estimated cost of treatment. We will require a prepayment from you based on this estimation.

Although this initial price is just an estimate, we are highly experienced at analyzing budget indications and our estimates are usually quite accurate.

The actual costs, however, will not be fully known until treatment is completed. After your discharge from the hospital, we will collect all of the individual claims for you and send you the total charges.

In the case that your prepayment was more than the sum of our invoice, we will wire the difference to your account within five days of our final invoice date.

The answer is maybe. It depends on what country you are traveling from and which health insurance company you have. Generally, patients should ask for pre-approval from their health insurance before seeking treatment abroad. Patients can also take the risk and pay up-front for medical treatment and ask their insurance company for reimbursement.

Check out our partners for a partial list of insurance companies we work with which cover the cost of the services of Premier Healthcare Germany, or read more about insurance company solutions.

For EU citizens:

If you are a citizen of a European Union Member State, new European regulations clearly state that you can receive treatment in Germany, and that the costs are covered up to the cost that the same procedure would have cost you in your home country. This means, for example, if you are a citizen of the UK and have been told that you need to wait for 3-6 months for your procedure, traveling to Germany is a very valid option. Pre-testing and surgery can be booked within a week and costs are covered by your health insurance, including the U.K.'s NHS. The only thing you may have to pay out-of-pocket is the flight and accommodation, a small sacrifice to make in order to receive immediate treatment.

Similar conditions may apply for other countries with long waiting lists, such as Canada.

The responsibility for the cost is on the patient, unless their health insurance has a direct contract with Premier Healthcare Germany.

For U.S. citizens:

If you are a US citizen, medical travel will most likely also requires pre-approval by your health insurance. We are more than happy to take the lead in communicating with your health insurance. Generally, insurance companies respond positively to the opportunity to save costs with the same or an even higher quality of care. However, you may be expected to pay for the trip yourself.

Contact us in order to assess your individual situation.

Many people are familiar with Germany's high quality medical care, but few realize that receiving medical care in Germany can be good for their wallet as well. Germany has an excellent cost-to-quality ratio when it comes to medical treatment. The level of care is extremely high, and the prices are often significantly lower than same quality for the same treatment somewhere else.

Take a knee implant, for instance. This common orthopedic surgery can cost over $30,000 in the U.S. The exact same procedure in Germany can be found for a 30-60% decrease in price, and it will still be performed in a modern hospital by well-trained surgeons. This makes Germany an extremely favorable price-to-value ratio destination.

Additionally, German has more hospitals per capita than any other European country, and nearly twice as many per capita in the U.S. This means hospitals have a lot of competition to fill their beds, resulting in favorable prices for patients overall. German hospital pricing structure is very competitive to countries like Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA.

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FAQ Case Management

The key to Premier Healthcare Germany's approach to patient management lies in careful planning. With advanced preparation, we can save patients time and money by directing them towards a medical professional specialized in their illness, coming up with a treatment plan before they ever set foot on an airplane, and by limiting the time of their stay in Germany.

In order to do this, we require recent, detailed medical data for our case managers and the German doctors to review. By analyzing the patient's diagnosis and coming up with a treatment plan in advance, we can make a more accurate initial cost estimation and allow the patient to focus on receiving treatment while in Germany. The more the patient is focused on their own treatment and healing, and the less they have to worry about the administrative side of things, the more pleasant their stay in Germany will be.

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We have an excellent track record of meeting the time requirements of our clients. It is most optimal when we have at least two weeks to prepare the case before the patient travels to Germany. However, if your hectic schedule does not allow for such advanced planning, our case management team will try to meet your requirements as much as possible.

The selection of a hospital is a most personal matter. Some patients have already selected the hospital before they ask Premier Healthcare Germany for guidance. Otherwise, we can advise patients in the selection proces.

We select a specific hospital based on exactly what type of care the patient needs. Through a careful analysis of the patient's diagnosis, condition and medical history, we can find the right specialist to help them. With our extensive knowledge of different hospitals in Germany and professional network of different medical providers, we can help patients make the right choice in finding a doctor who can help them.

Because we are an independent company, we can work with virtually any hospital in Germany. Often, patients will prefer a hospital with a reputed name, but selecting a hospital specialized in the patient's medical requirements is more important than choosing a well-known hospital.

We can also help you select a hospital based on your available budget, as prices may differ between different hospitals. The amount of experience a hospital has working with international patients is also a factor to consider.

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Our expert case management is equipped to fulfill all of the needs of international patients requesting treatment in a German hospital or clinic.

We offer you medical support. By carefully reviewing your diagnosis and medical history, we can guide you towards a qualified doctor or a hospital department specialized in your condition.

We offer you logistical support. Visa assistance, finding accommodation, arranging transportation and finding a translator or interpretor are just some of the many services we offer patients.

We offer you financial support. Find out how working with Premier Healthcare can save you money as compared to approaching a hospital on your own.

Premier Healthcare Germany offers the services you require to ensure a smooth, low-stress journey for medical treatment or diagnostics in Germany. Should you have other specific requirements, we are here to assist you wherever we can.

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FAQ Medical Treatment in Germany

German hospitals offer a wide variety of medical care. Germany is most well-known for its orthopedic and spine treatments. Germany is also known for its expertise in minimally-invasive heart procedures, state-of-the-art cancer centers and highly qualified surgeons in all fields.

To get an idea of what sorts of treatments are available in Germany, check out our website.

Just because a specific treatment is not on our website does not mean it is not available in Germany. The best way to find out if there is treatment available for your condition is to contact us at Premier Healthcare Germany directly and provide us with your medical documents and diagnosis. Our case managers would be pleased to examine your case and let you know if a treatment is available.

Even if you do not have a specific diagnosis, we can also arrange a general health checkup in Germany. Our doctors can provide you with an accurate understanding of your health using high-tech diagnostic and imaging equipment. The clinics can provide you personal counseling based on your health and lifestyle.

Complications occur as a result of a variety of interconnected and unpredictable events. No matter where you are in the world, no matter how skilled the surgeon or well-equipped the hospital, there is always a risk of complications.

By recommending experienced surgeons and quality clinics, we try to reduce the risk of a complication occuring during the procedure. But if a complication does occur, we are there to coordinate all necesary measures to ensure the patient's safety.

Most complications occur in the first few days after surgery. Because of this, your operating surgeon will recommend that you stay in Germany for at least a few days following your surgery. Doctors and nurses will monitor you to make sure that your body is healing, and that any medication is showing the desired effect and is contributing to your recovery.

By following your physician's recommendations, your risk of experiencing complications will already be significantly reduced. However, even after you leave Germany, Premier Healthcare continues to offer our support to ensure the best possible outcome of your procedure.

We have a two-step approach to managing complications for after you return home. First, you will go home with your complete medical records and a set of instructions of what to do and what to avoid. Second, we will be available as a point of contact and can consult with the provider who treated you in Germany.

Our patients' health and safety is our top priority.

FAQ Travel and VISA

Yes! We even encourage that a family member comes along. Despite the service Premier Healthcare Germany offers, having someone with you while you travel will help you feel less alone. While you receive your treatment, we will provide your companion with recommendations at their request - even if those requests concern non-medical aspects.

If no one can travel with you, you can still rest assured that every eventuality is taken care of. After all, that is the expertise of Premier Healthcare Germany.

Patients who need a medical visa are usually allowed to take one accompanying person with them. This needs to be verified with the specific country's requirements.

FAQ Hospitals in Germany

Premier Healthcare Germany has access to a high capacity of medical care within their existing network. One of our expertises is arranging patients timely medical care. Through good preparation and quality case management, we can help reduce wait times to make the best use of your time here in Germany.

Good preparation is key to get you quick access to German healthcare once you arrive in Germany. There are several steps which must be taken before scheduling an appointment at the hospital. Premier Healthcare Germany can guide you in the process, walking you through every step of the way. Our experienced case managers will advise you on the most appropriate medical treatment options and give you an accurate budget estimate based on your medical dossier. This is a secure process.

By analyzing your medical requirements ahead of time and taking care of formalities before your arrival in Germany, we can ensure a shorter and stress-free stay abroad for medical reasons.

If your understanding of "VIP treatment" includes receiving medical care in a high-tech, modern facility from highly trained German doctors, then yes!

German hospitals are designed to maximize efficiency, and to provide timely and effective treatment to the greatest number of patients in the shortest amount of time. Premier Healthcare Germany can provide additional services by ensuring our patients are treated by heads of departments and are provided private rooms. Waiting periods are limited or nonexistent.

Hospitals in Germany are famous for their superior medical treatments and the high level of ethical responsibility. Extra services, such as luxury accommodation and high-quality food, are not characteristics of German hospitals - they are characterized by high-quality medical care.

To find out more about what to expect during your treatment in Germany, contact us.

There are 250,000 international patients who are using the German healthcare system on yearly basis, not including expats living in Germany.

German hospitals are fairly familiar with common religious requirements and offer services such as halal food and international TV, to name some examples.

The German constitution promotes and enforces the free choice of religion. However, since most people in Germany are Roman Catholic or Protestant, please inform us of any religious requirements ahead of time, as some hospitals may not be familiar with them. Premier Healthcare will ensure that your requirements are met and respected.

Although German is the official language, most people in Germany also speak some English. The population of Germany is very multicultural and in most hospitals the staff is diverse and can speak many languages.

Premier Healthcare is always available to assist with communication, whether it be via phone, chat, email or our physical presence with you at the hospital. Our team members speak German, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Dutch.

Our team will accompany you to your doctor's appointments when you are in Germany. Besides their language skills to explain medical information in your native language, they have all the knowledge of your medical requirements to represent you to your request in front of the German medical specialist. Language should not be a barrier during your time in Germany.

Due to the high number of foreign patients that yearly use the German healthcare systems, you will find hospitals in Germany who can cater to the comfort requirements of private patients without sacrificing high-quality medical care. Hospitals may be located in ultramodern buildings, or charming historical buildings that have been renovated inside.

All of our hospitals own new and well-maintained equipment that represents the latest standards of technology. Strict regulatory requirements in Germany mean that each hospital has to meet established safety standards according to the German qualification system, the KTQ.

Learn more about hospitals in Germany.

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