The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the main stabilizing ligaments in the knee. Partial or incomplete damage to this ligament can lead to instability of the knee.

ACL Tear

Tearing the ACL is usually associated with a traumatic event such as a sports injury. It is a common injury among athletes who play high speed sports, such as soccer, rugby, tennis or skiing.

Symptoms are usually very obvious. A loud crack, severe pain, immediate swelling of the knee and a feeling of instability occur almost immediately after the event.

Partial tears may be treated with conservative methods in some instances. However, in severe cases, reconstructive surgery is usually required.

This procedure is almost always done arthroscopically, meaning it is a minimally-invasive procedure performed through small incisions in the knee using a camera and narrow surgical instruments. A tissue graft, usually from the patellar tendon of the patient, is used to replace the torn ligament.

After surgery, physical therapy is usually required to restore the range of motion of the knee. Patients typically respond very well to surgery and are able to lead normal, active lives after they recover.

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