Sylter Emergency clinic is the first to officially operate the newest MRI Innovation from Philips. With the state of the art digital diagnostic technology and a patient-friendly video, lighting and dialog concept the radiology in Westerland-Germany will become an international pioneer. 

State of the art digital technology and automated processes deliver first-class images for diagnostic and shorten the examination duration in the MRI. At the same time the patient comfort is increased substantially. Not only with its reduced noise level is the Philips Prodiva 1.5T CS attuned for the patients. During the scanning process patient and operator may talk to each other. With a nice individually adjustable lighting atmosphere as well as a device for showing relaxing pictures and videos, the atmosphere is nice, so that people can feel more relaxed in the MRI.

MRT Asklepios Nordseeklinik 2017_2.jpg

 “With our MRI we not only improve diagnosing and strengthen the emergency aid for all citizens and visitors of the island, but also increase the standards for the entire country”, said Dr. Ulrich Wenning, Manager of Asklepios Nordsee clinic in Westerland.

“The Magnetic resonance imaging is an important part of the imaging diagnosing. We are happy to provide a high-performance digital system with the Prodiva 1.5T CX, which is perfectly suited for the needs of the Asklepios Nordsee clinic”, said Heiko Borwieck from Philips.

The Philips Prodiva 1.5T X covers different scanning areas and increases handling quality significantly. Unclear test results and the resulting repeated examinations are now in the past.